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Pedometer Steps Counter


Pedometer app to achieve your health and fitness goals: This is a calculation of the number of your daily walk, will not consume a lot of your battery.Pedometer records the number of steps you have walked and displays them along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance travelled and goal achieved in percentages. Also provide history of data in weekly, monthly or yearly list as well as providing graphical representation to display the steps per month, week or year.Program counts calories, distance, speed, average speed, time in motion, takes all sorts of graphics and split table in different modes, according to body mass index and much much more ).This apps Allows you to:Graphical display of pace and speedKeep a history of your movements Makes graphic analysis and keep statistics of your workoutsTo keep the data in your body: height and weight to accurately count caloriesRecord your stepsConsider the number of caloriesMeasure your speed Display distanceand much moreSave your data.The program can operate in three modes:Using the accelerometer program counts steps and, depending on the distance and weight count calories. Using the GPS program considers the distance and, depending on the distance and weight count calories.In the "Time" calories are considered over time, depending on the type of exercise.Note:When app is installed on your phone first time setting option is automatically open ,here you can set your mobile sensor sensitivity ,walking speed, weight,  height and stride length for proper counting calories.